Final Seminar [video]

The Eu.Cool project ended at the end of March 2019. We had the chance to cross the path of many wonderful and motivated people. This project will have reached more than 1000 people in 7 seminars in each partner country.

First of all, we thank the many trainees for their participation, interest and enthusiasm during the debates.

We thank each partner:
> The European Coordinating Committee
> Klimaka (Gr)
> ProVocatie (Ro)
> Scuola Central Formazione (It)
> Le Monde des Possibles
> Femmes Actives
> Esope
> Bonnevie Training Center

We thank the speakers for their time and explanations.

But it is not finished !

Even if the project is finished, the work is not! That’s why we invite you to continue the adventure on our Facebook page!

Stay vigilant, the elections are close, the guide to citizenship is being developed (for September 2019 it is hoped!), An open letter will be sent to politicians to transmit your proposals and your values, …

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